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Incredible lecture series, and truthfully one of the most rewarding academic experiences in my adult life. The graphics are as astounding as the ease at which Dr. Talbot and Dr. Westbrook navigate the physics of MRI.
Truly brilliant! Thank you. (Chicago participant 2019)

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All of the courses we organise ourselves (North America, Europe, Middle East and Australasia) are now exclusively presented online and will continue to be online for the foreseeable future. We will not be organising any live face-to-face courses until at least 2022 and only then if the pandemic is fully under control.
For COVID information about currently scheduled live courses, please contact the relevant organiser.


We are a preferred education provider for Elekta. Please contact your Elekta representative for more details.

How do I apply to come on the course?

Please choose a location from the menu at the top of the page and complete the application form for the course you are interested in.


Central Europe
New Zealand
North America
United Arab Emirates
United Kingdom

I would like to organise a course with you

We are happy to collaborate with local organisers in any country, please send an email to ObscureMyEmail and we will get back to you with our terms.

Philips Medical Systems

We are a preferred education provider for Philips. Please contact your Philips representative for more details.

Radiation Oncologists and Radiation Therapists

We welcome radiation oncologists and radiation therapists and we are a preferred education provider for Elekta and Philips Medical Systems. Please feel free to apply for any of our courses, or speak to your local Elekta or Philips representative.

Veterinary Radiologists and Radiographers

We welcome veterinary radiologists and radiographers and have a long-standing track record of teaching MRI to these disciplines. We have presented courses exclusive to veterinary practitioners in the USA since 2017. Please feel free to apply for any of our courses.

Who would benefit from this course? For whom is it intended?

Primarily, MRI in Practice is intended to be a continuing professional development (CPD) course for medical imaging practitioners working in the field (or intending to work in the field) of MRI. We welcome radiographers, technologists, radiologists, radiation therapists, radiation oncologists, veterinary practitioners, veterinary radiographers, physicists, researchers and any other discipline that needs to understand MRI.

Will this course (does this course) make me a qualified MRI practitioner (permit me to work as an MRI practitioner)

We receive quite a few emails asking if this course will make someone a fully qualified MRI practitioner. This is not the case. If you wish to practice medical imaging, you first need to take an undergraduate degree in that field. This course is primarily a continuing professional development course for those already qualified in medical imaging.

The online course may be accessed from the following locations. If you live in a location that is not listed please contact ObscureMyEmail for more info.

Courses Selling Out Soon

Day 01 (Fundamentals)

Day 02 (Image Quality)

Day 03 (Spatial Encoding)

Day 04 (Pulse Sequences)

MRI in Practice Online

A little taster of what we offer on our online course...

The online course uses a combination of HD streaming video to present our trademark CGI graphics and user-friendly analogies that give our course an unsurpassed conceptual clarity that our participants really love.
Some online course providers present their lectures directly from Zoom or by screen sharing their own computer - this tends to result in a sub-optimal, jerky, low-resolution presentation with occasional dropouts due to loss of internet connection and having to share bandwidth between a number of participants. We don't do this, as teaching experts (with formal academic qualifications in technology-enhanced learning) we use a blend of live face-to-face live sessions in Zoom and streaming HD video that is delivered via a professional broadcast server (AWS) to ensure the very highest quality and uninterrupted service , here is an example of what you can expect from our lectures…

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Latest News and Updates from MRI Education

MRI in Practice Online - First Impressions

I thought I would make this blog-post to tell you all what has been happening recently with the MRI in Practice course, and also give any MRI educators out there the benefit of our experience in producing a new online course.

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