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Redesigned for the modern world...

The world's longest running MRI course has had a major re-design.
The course is now exclusively online available to the whole of Europe, The USA, Canada and Australasia. It features 15 brand-new streaming lectures presented over 4 days, plus 10 additional on-demand lectures, available for the following 12 months completely FREE of charge.

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A new edition, a new addition...

Exclusively on-line and on-demand. Ten brand-new lectures covering the fundamentals of MRI - plus clinical technique for all of the commonly requested examinations in MRI. This course is essential viewing for anyone considering a career in MRI.

Rocketing inflation? Training budgets slashed? Prices rising?

Not ours!

Having trouble choosing between our courses?

That is quite understandable, do you go for the underpinning principles and protocol optimisation offered by MRI in Practice Online, or do you choose the clinical technique explanations offered by the Handbook of MRI Technique course?
The good news is that you don't have to choose - because if you register on the MRI in Practice course, the Handbook course is thrown in free. Yes, really!
After you have enjoyed the 4-day MRI in Practice course you get free credits to watch the entire Handbook of MRI Technique course on demand, whenever it suits you. The first five lectures are designed to form the perfect revision for the topics covered by the MRI in Practice course. Participants tell us that they really help to cement some of the concepts into place. The second five lectures are absolutely indispensable for those who are new to the field and wish to get up to speed with clinical practice in MRI.

In summary, participants will enjoy:

4 days online teaching via Zoom
12 live teaching/QA sessions with the world-renowned MRI educators Dr. Catherine Westbrook and Dr. John Talbot
25 streaming lectures featuring our famous computer generated imagery, namely…
15 MRI in Practice lectures (20 hours)
10 Lectures from the Handbook of MRI course (6 hours of revision videos and clinical technique instruction).

All at a price that beats any of our competitors. In addition the course is a valuable source of CPD:

UK - Society and College of Radiographers fulfilling learning outcomes 1,2,3,6,7,9,11,19 as defined by CPD Now.
Australia - ASMRIT - offers 30 HOURS of CPD appellation

If you are a manager looking to fulfil the CPD or training-needs of your staff - there really is no choice - MRI in Practice Online and The Handbook of MRI Technique Online courses have you completely covered. The course currently enjoys an average customer excellence rating of [feedback-AK12]% from all of our [feedback-AK2] participants over the last 12 months. This amazing deal will not last for ever - so book now!

Not in one of the above locations?

MRI in Practice is currently only offered in the geographical regions above, however you can still access the Handbook of MRI Technique Online Course if you live in any of the countries not covered by MRI in Practice online. Click the button to find out more…

How may we help you today?

Ask us anything about our courses and the answers will magically appear below...

How can we help you today?

Keep typing for a more accurate result.

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Check Dates on Our Course Calendar

Check our course calendar to see the dates for all of our forthcoming courses.

In summary our next courses are:

UK/Europe [intdates-B6] - [intdates-C6]

UK/Europe [intdates-B7] - [intdates-C7]

Australia [intdates-B2] … [intdates-C3] (split into two deliveries of 2 days each).

USA [intdates-B17] … [intdates-C17] (split into two deliveries of 2 days each).

I would like to organise a course with you

We are happy to collaborate with local organisers in any country, please send an email to ObscureMyEmail and we will get back to you with our terms.

Is the Handbook of MRI Technique Course available in the UK, USA and Australia?

It is not only available - it is free of charge! It is bundled together with the MRI in Practice Online Course. It is not available as a stand-alone course in these countries.

NHS Procurement, Preferred Suppliers, Purchase Orders and Shared Business Services (SBS)

If you require more information to set up a purchase order or for Shared Business Services, please contact us at courseemail and let us know what documents you require.

Are any of your courses open to people living in Russia?

No, our courses are no longer available to people living in Russia or Belarus or any other country supporting the invasion of Ukraine.

Do you still offer live, face-to-face (F2F) courses?

We no longer offer any face to face teaching. This is for several reasons:

1. Course feedback shows that participants much prefer the convenience and general vibe of online courses.

2. We can include more content than in a live course delivery by including streaming on-demand lectures. This offers amazing value.

3. Streaming lectures can be rewound, reviewed and revised, live lectures cannot.

4. It halves the cost for participants because they do not have to pay for travel, accommodation and food.

5. It removes a substantial financial risk for the organisers (hotel and conference venues charge the full delegate day-rate in advance - payable even if participant numbers are less than expected).

6. It makes the course COVID-proof.

How do I enrol on the Handbook of MRI Technique course?

You simply enrol on the MRI in Practice Online Course and the Handbook course is included at no extra cost.
In countries where the MRI in Practice course is not currently offered, the Handbook course was formerly available on a lecture-by-lecture basis.
This service was abused, is now discontinued and will no longer be offered.

Radiation Oncologists and Radiation Therapists

We welcome radiation oncologists and radiation therapists and have been a preferred education provider for both Elekta and Philips Medical Systems who manufacture MRI Linac machines.

CPD Certificates

Participants attending the online course will receive a certificate.
Participants who have been seen to attend (watch) the full course will receive a CPD certificate. Participants who have not been seen to have watched the full course will receive a certificate of attendance. The lecture server keeps a track of content accessed which allows us to confirm attendance if required by a professional body.
The CPD offered depends on which course has been attended:

In the UK, the course is endorsed by the Society and College of Radiographers CPD Now. This is offered on a whole-course basis (i.e. not by the hour). Participants attending the UK course (i.e. online courses delivered to GMT/BST) will be eligible for this CPD certificate. It identifies the learning outcomes achieved, it does not provide any indication of activity hours, because this is irrelevant for CPD Now endorsement. Participants who live in Australia, but attend the UK course may be eligible for an ASMIRT CPD certificate (see below). Participants who are not from the UK or Australia and fall under different CPD regulations will still receive a CPD certificate, but it may not be recognised by their local professional body.

In Australia, the course is endorsed by the Australian Society of Medical Imaging and Radiation Therapy (ASMIRT). This accreditation is offered on an hourly basis (30 hours). Participants attending the Australian course (i.e. online courses delivered to AEDT) will be eligible for this CPD certificate. The certificate lists the hours of activity as required. Participants who live in the UK, but attend the Australian course may be eligible for a CPD Now certificate (see above). Participants who are not from Australia or the UK and fall under different CPD regulations will still receive a CPD certificate, but it may not be recognised by their local professional body.

Participants from the USA are welcome to attend any of our courses, but we do not offer any CPD certification. This is largely due to the fact that most of our USA participants are veterinary radiologists and, therefore, do not fall under the same professional body as MRI Techs. In addition the cost and complexity of CPD approval in the USA is not worth our time and expense for the number of participants for whom the appellation applies.

Please note
We cannot offer certificates with any other CPD accreditation or any other wording than the ones awarded at the end of each course because we do not have approval from any other professional bodies.

Replacement/Additional Certificates

The course fee includes the provision of one certificate. This is delivered at the end of the course via the course programme page and is available for download until midnight. Sometimes delegates lose their certificates or fail to download them after the course has ended. On some rare occasions a delegate may qualify for two certificates (for example if they are based in one country but working in another).
In any of the above scenarios we can replace, or provide additional certificates for an admin fee of £20.00. Please email ObscureMyEmail to let us know your name and the date of the course attended, then make a payment from the link below. We will send your certificate within 5 working days of payment.

Veterinary Radiologists and Radiographers

We welcome veterinary radiologists and radiographers and have a long-standing track record of teaching MRI to these disciplines. We have been running the MRI in Practice course exclusively for veterinary radiologists and radiographers since 2017. These courses were originally presented in collaboration with veterinary MRI radiologist Amy Zalcman, formerly at the University of Missouri and now on-line. Feedback shows that veterinary practitioners find this course extremely beneficial. Our course is now the go-to MRI course for veterinary practitioners in the USA and the UK. We also attract a large number of veterinary practitioners on our annual Sydney course in Australia.

Who would benefit from this course? For whom is it intended?

Primarily, MRI in Practice is intended to be a continuing professional development (CPD) course for medical imaging practitioners working in the field (or intending to work in the field) of MRI. We welcome radiographers, technologists, radiologists, radiation therapists, radiation oncologists, veterinary practitioners, veterinary radiographers, physicists, researchers and any other discipline that needs to understand MRI.

Will this course (does this course) make me a qualified MRI practitioner (permit me to work as an MRI practitioner)

We receive quite a few emails asking if this course will make someone a fully qualified MRI practitioner. This is not the case. If you wish to practice medical imaging, you first need to take an undergraduate degree in that field. This course is primarily a continuing professional development course for those already qualified in medical imaging.

Course Content

Read more information about our course content, syllabus, programme and feedback.

Courses for Australasia

Courses open to Australian locations such as Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Canberra, Hobart, Darwin.

Courses for Belgium

Courses open to Belgian locations such as Antwerp, Ghent, Brussels, Bruges, Leuven, Mons, Mechelen, Aalst.

Courses for Canada

Courses open to Canadian locations such as Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg.

Courses for Europe

Courses open to European countries.

Courses for Qatar

We occasionally present the course live in Qatar, but the following online courses are open to people living in Qatar.

Courses for Germany

Courses open to German locations such as Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Köln, Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Düsseldorf, Dortmund.

Courses for the Netherlands including Holland

Courses open to Netherlands locations such as Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague, Utrecht, Eindhoven, Groningen, Tilburg, Almere, Breda, Nijmegen.

Courses for New Zealand

Courses open to New Zealand locations such as Aukland, Wellington, Christchurch, Hamilton, Tauranga.

Courses for Kenya

We used to run the live course in Kenya, the following online courses are now available to people from this region.

Courses for Scandinavia

Courses open to Scandinavia. Denmark (replaces live Copenhagen course), Norway (replaces live Oslo course), Sweden (replaces live Stockholm course), Finland.

Courses for Ireland

Courses open to Irish locations such as Dublin, Belfast, Cork, Derry, Limerick, Galway.

Courses for South Africa

Courses open to locations in South Africa such as Johannesburg, Cape Town, Ekurhuleni, Durban, Tshwane.

Courses for the USA

Courses open to American locations such as New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston, Phoenix, Philadelphia, San Antonio, San Diego, Dallas, San Jose, Austin, Jacksonville, Fort Worth, Columbus, Charlotte, San Francisco, Indianapolis, Seattle, Denver, Washington.

Courses for the UK

Courses open to UK locations such as London, Manchester, Birmingham, Leeds, Glasgow, Southampton, Liverpool, Bristol, Newcastle, Sunderland, Wolverhampton, Oxford, Cambridge.

Courses for the Middle East

Courses open to Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Dubai, Fujairah, Ras Al Khaimah, Sharjah, Umm Al Quwain.

Courses for Kuwait

Courses open to Kuwait locations such as Al Aḩmadī, Ḩawallī, As Sālimīyah.

MRI in Practice - the textbook.

This book forms the course notes for our MRI In Practice course. Purchasing a copy will allow you to watch the course lectures without having to take copious notes.

Course Brochure

Our course information brochure. Please download this to show to your manager or education facilitator.

How do I apply to come on the course?

Please choose a location from the menu at the top of the page and complete the application form for the course you are interested in.


Central Europe
New Zealand
North America
United Arab Emirates
United Kingdom

How much does it cost to attend the MRI in Practice Course?

As a general guide, all pricing is based on the cost of the UK course:

UK (GMT/BST) - £700 GBP
USA (CST) - $980 USD

Non-EU payments may be slightly more than the UK fee because of increased credit card transaction fees imposed following Brexit and the increased cost of Digital Rights Management. Exchange rates will also have an effect, as the course fee is reviewed annually and does not take exchange-rate fluctuations into account. Discounts and sponsorship may also affect pricing.

Please visit the relevant page for current pricing for each course.

Who presents the course and what are their qualifications to be lecturing on such courses?

The course is always presented by Dr Catherine Westbrook EdD, MSc, DCR(R), PGc(LT), CT Cert, FHEA and Dr John Talbot EdD, MSc, DCR(R), PGc(LT), FHEA.

As professional academics, Cathy and John both hold Master of Science degrees in Magnetic Resonance Imaging and are both fully-qualified Doctors of Education. This is a key requirement when teaching post-graduates such as radiographers.
These qualifications are important because In addition to mastery of their subject, credible course presenters should be qualified in teaching and learning because that is their role. Anyone who claims to provide educational services (and charges money for those services) must be qualified in education. Anything else is not acceptable and could be considered fraud. Educational fraud, including fake courses taught by non-qualified "lecturers" affects over 43 million people per year and costs the victims hundreds or thousands of pounds. Please do not fall for this type of scam.

Before applying for a course - simply ask the provider to give you:

the names of the people who will be presenting the course and
evidence of their qualifications in education (PGCLT or ideally EdD)

Note that this is not the same as their qualifications in radiography, or post graduate qualifications in medical imaging. For teaching radiographers and radiologists the qualification should be an EdD or equivalent. A PhD is not an educational qualification per se., but may be acceptable. Don't be fobbed off with vague statements such as "experts in their field" or "wealth of clinical experience" those statements apply to all radiographers who have been working for a while. What you deserve is a qualified lecturer.

Cathy and John are also both Fellows of the Higher Education Academy. The HEA vision is for students in UK higher education to enjoy the highest quality learning experience in the world and we bring that philosophy to everything we do - including MRI in Practice - The Course.

We are not aware of any other MRI course of this type that is presented by a faculty who are all qualified in both MRI and Education at this level. Please consider this when choosing which MRI course is likely to address your needs. If a course provider is not qualified to teach, it is ethically questionable as to whether they should be selling educational services. Some commercial MRI courses are delivered by speakers who are not qualified in either MRI or Education!

International Availability of MRI in Practice Online Courses

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The online course uses geo targeting technology and is currently offered to cover the above time zones. UK courses run to GMT but may be attended by participants living in countries from the blue-shaded area above. Australasian courses run to AEDT but are available to some of the countries covered by the pink zone. Participants can attend from any of the countries listed in the tabs below. Please note that the course is delivered synchronously and there will, therefore, be a time offset to the programme if you are not resident in one of the specific time zones stated above. For example for participants in North America, the course runs in the evening. Please note that the course is not offered in every country because the DRM copy-protection for the lectures is not universally compatible and we have banned access to countries where there have been attempts to steal our intellectual copyright in the past.

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Our Forthcoming Courses

Our Forthcoming Courses

19 Jun 2023 - 22 Jun 2023
19 Jun 2023 - 22 Jun 2023
26 Jan 2024 .... 03 Feb 2024
27 Jan 2024 .... 04 Feb 2024

MRI in Practice Online

MRI in Practice Online

A little taster of what we offer on our online course...

The online course uses a combination of HD streaming video to present our trademark CGI graphics and user-friendly analogies that give our course an unsurpassed conceptual clarity that our participants really love. Our lectures use computer-generated imagery produced in-house and are the result of 13 years development and over 1000 CGI models and animations.
Some online course providers present their lectures directly from Zoom or by screen-sharing their own computer - this tends to result in a sub-optimal, jerky, low-resolution presentation with occasional dropouts due to loss of internet connection by the host and having to share bandwidth between a number of participants.
We don't do this, as teaching experts with over 30 years of experience in distance learning and blended learning (and, with formal academic qualifications in technology-enhanced learning) we use a blend of live face-to-face live sessions in Zoom and streaming HD video that is delivered via a professional broadcast server (AWS) to ensure the very highest quality and uninterrupted service , here is an example of what you can expect from our lectures…

Fit My Video Tag

Please feel free to share this video with anyone you think might be interested. There is a share icon at the top right corner of the screen when you hover your cursor over the window.

If you are trying to choose between learning providers, we recommend that you ask any other provider for certificated evidence of their teaching qualifications and an example of their teaching materials to compare with our presentation above. There are some "learning companies" out there who are not qualified in learning and teaching - and may even call themselves "clinical specialists" without holding post-graduate masters or doctorate qualifications in their supposed field of "clinical expertise". We think this is extremely unethical for obvious reasons - please don't get caught out!

Latest News and Updates from MRI Education

Latest News and Updates from MRI Education

MRI in Practice Online - Course Update

Our new online course has now been up-and-running for 24 months and has attracted over 500 international participants.
But is it working as anticipated?  Do people like it? Has the concept of the "new normal" been fully realised?

Read More

MRI in Practice Online - First Impressions

I thought I would make this blog-post to tell you all what has been happening recently with the MRI in Practice course, and also give any MRI educators out there the benefit of our experience in producing a new online course.

Read More

A New Course for 2022 - Handbook of MRI Technique Online

We have a new course for 2022! It's based on our book The Handbook of MRI Technique and it rocks.

There are 10 new lectures revising the fundamental principles of MRI and also covering the clinical MRI technique for all most commonly requested body areas.

Read More

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