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COVID 19 - For your safety and convenience, all of our course are now offered online.


New York

Our Sacramento course starts in…


This course is organised in collaboration with our partner Dr Amy Zalcman and our partners at The Gurnick Academy of Medical Arts.
The course is primarily aimed at physicians, radiologists, neurologists and technologists. The course features the same lecture-format as is presented in all of our other host countries and is therefore applicable to a multidisciplinary audience.
Since its first publication in 1992 our book MRI in Practice has been the recommended reading for anyone taking boards exams. This course is based on the book and will help you to grasp all of these important topics with ease.



Time Zone - Chicago (CST)

Course: [intdates-AB17]



Basic Principles [intdates-B17]
Pulse Sequences
Spatial Encoding
Image Quality


Basic Principles
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Pulse Sequences
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Spatial Encoding
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Image Quality
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Dr Catherine Westbrook, Dr John Talbot

Pricing for [intdates-N20]: (full course) [intdates-Q20] (just [intdates-M20] per day)

ASRT Accreditation :
Day 1  8.25 category A credits
Day 2  8.25 category A credits
Day 3  9 category A credits
Day 4  9 category A credits

Course Information

The MRI in Practice Course has been presented in the USA since 2000. Our first course in Sacramento was held in April 2019 and we hope to be returning in the not-too-distant future. To keep updated, please join our Facebook group to be informed of the future dates in this location.

This course is organised by our USA partner Dr. Amy Zalcman.
The content is primarily aimed at technologists who are taking boards exams, however we also welcome physicians, radiologists, cardiologists and neurologists. The course features the same lecture-format as is presented in all of our other host countries and is therefore applicable to a multidisciplinary audience.

The venue is
The Gurnick Academy of Medical Arts
8810 Cal Center Drive, 3rd Floor
Sacramento, CA 95826

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The event is a condensed 2-day version of the course, presented by MRI in Practice authors Dr. Catherine Westbrook and Dr. John Talbot. Since its first publication in 1992 our book has been the recommended reading for anyone taking boards exams. This course is based on the book and will help you to grasp all of the basic MRI topics with ease. The new 5th edition has been completely redesigned to follow the course topics and combined with the high definition CGI graphics used in the course it will provide you with the best possible grounding for your registry examinations.

Dr. Westbrook and Dr. Talbot are both qualified educators holding MSc degrees in MRI and are both Doctors of (medical) education. As such, they are ideally placed to offer the best educational experience in magnetic resonance imaging.

The course typically attracts around 50-100 delegates, and usually sells out quite quickly, so early application is recommended. There is a discount delegate rate for early booking.

The registration fee includes all four days of teaching, plus a signed copy of the new 5th edition of MRI in Practice.
The fee does not include accommodation or lunches, however, there are many conveniently-located hotels and restaurants nearby.

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Getting to the Venue

The Sacramento Venue is:

The Gurnick Academy of Medical Arts
8810 Cal Center Drive, 3rd Floor
Sacramento, CA 95826

The price of the course does not include accommodation.

Get directions from the map below - the star shows the exact venue location. Click the "Get Directions" button to plan your route (not supported on all browsers).

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Choose a location
Sacramento Venue - Cal Center Drive
38.558432, -121.374577

Course Content

Our Programme - Compact, Varied and Constructively Aligned

Download our brochure

Keep our course details handy to show your manager or colleagues, or compare to any other courses you may be considering.

  • Full list of lectures
  • Lecture content
  • Course Programme
  • Course Rationale

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MRI in Practice Lite is a two-day course.

The two day course covers the underpinning fundamentals of MRI and is essential for everyone - irrespective of previous experience.

You can find more details about the lecture content in our brochure.

Here is our programme, it contains all of the MRI essentials in just 2 days. The timing shown below is flexible, lectures may continue a little later than 5pm, especially if there is a lot of audience interaction/questions.

MRI in Practice 4 day Programme
  • Why are there no clinical sessions on the programme?

    MRI in Practice is an MRI physics course using a non-mathematical conceptual approach. Some providers pad out their MRI courses with clinical sessions, here are the reasons why we do not

    • In our experience most employers prefer to train their staff in the clinical aspects of their role in the workplace using time-trusted hands-on learning.
    • Radiologists usually have their own preferences when it comes down to the choice of imaging plane, or the protocol used, this is unlikely to be the same as the method taught in a generic presentation.
    • Every scanner is different in terms of configuration, gradient speed, coil choice, pulse sequence availability and field-strength, there is no "one size fits all" clinical method.
    • In view of the above, we feel that to "teach" a generic clinical approach to neuro, cardiac, breast, MSK etc. that applies to every scanner, at every field-strength and to cover every angle is a tall order - and is highly likely be counter-productive when not tailored to your own local preferences.
    • For new installations or manufacturer-specific techniques you have a fantastic resource in your expert applications specialists.
    • Finally - time costs money so we feel that all of the above can be better covered in a book - which can be studied at leisure, read in your own workplace and can cover far more than a 60-minute lecture.

Feedback from Sacramento Participants 2019

Feedback from Sacramento Participants 2019

The Course Scored:

The Venue

Our recent Sacramento participants described their experience...

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Delegate comments about recent Sacramento courses

  • Understood and learnt more in 4 days than in all my academic days involving MRI.

  • The graphics really helped my understanding. Added layers to my knowledge. Very good course.

  • Animations were very beneficial to help visualize the processes, especially for students who have not had much MR experience

  • Everything is 10 out of 10!

  • Improvement would be difficult to achieve. The instructors are so knowledgeable and the graphics so enlightening, I can’t imagine the material being presented any better

  • Well run, organised and interesting. Made me remember how much I enjoy learning

*statistics and testimonials collected via Mentimeter anonymous on-line survey of course participants.



Historically, our course has been accredited and endorsed by the following prestigious institutions:

Accreditatiebureau ADAP onderdeel van Stichting Kwaliteitsregister Paramedici
The American Society of Radiologic Technologists
The Australian Institute of Radiology
The British Institute of Radiology
The European Federation of Radiographic Societies (EFRS)
The Forum for Professional Development - Norwegian Society of Radiographers
The IEEE Engineering in Medicine & Biology Society, Croatia
The Institute for Professional Development of Physicians in Sweden
The Kuwait Institute of Medical Specialisation
The Malta MRI Radiographers Society
Norsk Radiografforbund
The Qatar Health Congress
The Romanian Radiology Society/College of Physicians,
The Romanian Society of MRI Radiologists
The Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Radiologists
The Society of Radiography Kenya (SORK)
The Society of Radiological Technicians and Nuclear Medicine Technicians of Serbia.
Trinity College Dublin
The UK College of Radiographers (CPD NOW)
The University of Malta
The University of Sharjah (Emirates),
The University of Zagreb

We do not believe that any other MRI course in the World has so many affiliations, and we are very proud to have the support and accreditation from these institutions.

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Previous Courses in USA

Previous Courses in USA





Birmingham, Alabama

Healthsouth Corps


Dallas, Texas

Healthsouth Corps


Chicago, Illinois

Gleacher Centre


Columbia, Missouri

University of Missouri


Columbia, Missouri

University of Missouri


Sacramento, California

Gurnick Academy of Medical Arts


Chicago, Illinois

Rush Medical Center




Our Participants!

If you have attended one of our recent USA courses, you might just find yourself in one of the photos below. Visit our Flickr page if you would like the full size copy as a souvenir!

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