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Our next UK course starts in…



The MRI in Practice Course has been presented on an ad-hoc basis in Dublin since 2008.

We are hoping to announce new dates in the near future.

The course is our new 3-day event, presented by Dr. Catherine Westbrook and Dr John Talbot and is often held over a weekend to help facilitate attendance. Since its first publication in 1992 our book MRI in Practice has been the recommended reading for anyone learning MRI. This course is based on the book and will help you to grasp all of these important topics with ease. The new 5th edition has been completely redesigned to follow the course topics and combined with the high definition CGI graphics used in the course it will present you with an easy learning curve.

Cathy and John are both qualified educators holding Masters degrees in MRI and are both Doctors of (medical) education. As such, they are ideally placed to offer the best educational experience in magnetic resonance imaging.

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Course Programme

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Three-Day Course

This is a new adaptation of the course available from 2019. Delegates attend the entire course over three days. The content is identical to the four-day course, but each day runs from 9:00am to 5:00pm. The only other adaptation is that there is no requirement for a revision session. This is because there are no delegates returning to the course - which is the case for the four-day version (see above).


• The principal benefit of attending the three-day course is that delegates will only need to book 2 nights accommodation. Accommodation is not included in the course fee, so this represents a potential cost saving.
• Delegates enjoy all the benefits of the full course - but less time away from home. This may particularly appeal to international delegates travelling from abroad.
• Employers may find it more attractive, as staff cover will only be required for three days rather than four days (total).
• Ideal for those wishing to gain a full understanding in MRI in a compact and concise delivery.

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Endorsed by the UK Society and College of Radiographers

MRI in Practice is CPD endorsed by the Society and College of Radiographers.
The Certificate of Endorsement states that this course may support outcomes:

01. Practical skills
02. Knowledge base
03. Work safely
04. Legal/ethical frameworks or guidance
06. Manage knowledge/information
07. High-quality healthcare/education services
09. Inter-professional/agency working or learning
11. Workforce development or staff governance
18. Integration of education and employment
19. Evidence to support practice

If you are considering registering for an MRI course other than MRI in Practice, ask for evidence that they have CPD NOW endorsement and check how many of the above outcomes are supported. This is an important benchmark and without such it is likely that a course is not fit for purpose as a CPD resource.

International Accreditation and Affiliations

In total, our course has been accredited and endorsed by the following prestigious institutions:

The American Society of Radiologic Technologists
The Australian Institute of Radiology
The British Institute of Radiology
The European Federation of Radiographic Societies (EFRS)
Accreditatiebureau ADAP onderdeel van Stichting Kwaliteitsregister Paramedici
The Forum for Professional Development - Norwegian Society of Radiographers
The IEEE Engineering in Medicine & Biology Society, Croatia
The Institute for Professional Development of Physicians in Sweden
The Kuwait Institute of Medical Specialisation
The Malta MRI Radiographers Society
Norsk Radiografforbund
The Qatar Health Congress
The Romanian Radiology Society/College of Physicians,
The Romanian Society of MRI Radiologists
The Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Radiologists
The Society of Radiological Technicians and Nuclear Medicine Technicians of Serbia.
Trinity College Dublin
The UK College of Radiographers (CPD NOW)
The University of Malta
The University of Sharjah (Emirates),
The University of Zagreb

We do not believe that any other MRI course in the World has so many affiliations, and we are very proud to have the support and accreditation from these institutions.


If you have attended one of our recent UK courses, you might just find yourself in one of the photos below. Visit our Flickr page if you would like the full size copy as a souvenir!

Previous Courses in Ireland






St James' Hospital



St James' Hospital



St James' Hospital



St James' Hospital

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