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Australia, New Zealand, Far East.

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The World’s Biggest MRI Course - Down Under Since 2002!

Course Information

Course Information

MRI in Practice

The MRI in Practice course has been presented since 1992 and is the longest-running and probably the best-known course of its kind in the world. The course is presented by MRI in Practice authors Catherine Westbrook and John Talbot. Cathy and John are both qualified educators holding Masters degrees in MRI and are both Doctors of (medical) education. They have specialised in distance-learning via webinar for the last 15 years, having taught a Masters degree in MRI via distance-learning delivery. As such, they are ideally placed to offer the very highest quality educational experience in magnetic resonance imaging, both live and on-line.
Since its first publication in 1992 our book MRI in Practice has been the best-selling book in its field. This course is based on the book and will help you to grasp all of these important topics with ease. The new 5th edition has been completely redesigned to follow the course topics and combined with the high definition CGI graphics used in the course it will provide you with the best possible grounding for your CPD requirements or as an adjunct to academic study. If you are planning on attending the course we recommend purchasing the book as it essentially forms the "course notes" and will present you with all of the revision material you need once the course has ended.

The Course Content

The content is primarily aimed at radiographers/ MRI technologists who require CPD or are taking boards exams/academic courses. We also welcome veterinary practitioners, radiotherapy practitioners, physicians, radiologists, cardiologists and neurologists. The course features generic terminology and is therefore applicable to a multidisciplinary audience.

The online course format is exactly the same as a live course with streaming lectures each day and live Q&A and revision sessions. Each day covers an important theme:

• Day 01 - Fundamental Principles
• Day 02 - Pulse Sequences
• Day 03 - Spatial Encoding
• Day 04 - Image Quality

In the UK (only), you can choose to purchase the full course, but split your attendance across two concurrent course deliveries. For example you could choose to attend days 01 and 02 on the Summer course and then days 03 and 04 on the following Autumn course. This may be attractive to participants who find it difficult to get long blocks of study leave, or anyone who is very new to MRI and wishes to put the basics into practice before attending the second two days. We cannot offer this to participants from countries attending our Australian course (includes North America) because it is only presented once per year.
See our terms and conditions for full details.

The Online Format

The online course uses a blend of HD streaming video and live webinar sessions.
After application we will send you a link that allows you to enrol on our members-only site www.mri-in-practice.com. When you have registered with that site, you will be able to access a course information page that explains how the course works and also allows you to test out your computer hardware to make sure you can access our streaming content. It is very important to do this as soon as possible before the course begins.

Rewind, Revisit, Revise

Live lectures tend to look suboptimal when presented from online conferencing software - jerky, wobbly laggy and entirely dependent on the host's internet connection. One tiny glitch with the router and everyone is left looking at a blank screen. We thought we could do better, and all of the participant feedback for the online course shows that we have. We put the entire course on Amazon's professional video-streaming servers. It was a huge undertaking that took nearly 8 months. We wrote over 100,000 words of narration, we made the equivalent of 12 feature-films worth of lecture video, complete with professional quality computer generated imagery and professional audio recording. The resulting lectures are like nothing we have presented before.
All of the streaming content is delivered synchronously - just like a live course - but with the added bonus of extra time built into the programme that will allow you to revisit, re-watch and revise any parts of the lectures that you wish to see again. This is a major advantage that can only be realised using online delivery and our participants really love it.
Importantly, your viewing experience doesn't rely on the host's internet connection.
The face-to-face Q&A and revisions sessions are delivered via Zoom webinar. We will send you all the necessary links shortly before the course begins.
If you are interested in how the course was developed from an educational perspective, there is a blog post here.

Radiotherapy and Oncology Professionals

The proliferation of new hybrid MRI/Linac machines has resulted in a big influx of radiotherapy professionals to our courses. We are the preferred education provider for both Elekta and Philips Medical Systems who make these machines, so be reassured you are choosing the right course with MRI in Practice Online!

Veterinary Practitioners

Veterinary practitioners need look no further than MRI in Practice. We have been running the MRI in Practice course exclusively for veterinary radiologists and radiographers in the USA since 2017. These courses are presented in collaboration with veterinary MRI radiologist Amy Zalcman, formerly presented at the University of Missouri and now on-line. Feedback shows that veterinary practitioners find this course extremely beneficial. Our course is now a favourite MRI course for veterinary practitioners in the USA and the UK. We also attract a large number of veterinary practitioners on our annual Sydney course in Australia.

International Timings

The course runs over 4 days in real-time, it is offered in two opposing time zones, GMT (London) and AEDT (Canberra/Sydney). Participants from any of the countries listed on this website are all eligible to attend any of our courses - but please bear your time zone in mind when choosing which course to apply for.
Please note that the USA course is run in the afternoon/evening.

The only other compulsory requirement is that you have a webcam that is fully operational for the duration of the course and a microphone - this is also to conform with CPD requirements.

If you have any queries please contact


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Our Programme - Compact and Constructively-Aligned

Our Programme - Compact, Varied and Constructively-Aligned

Download our brochure

Keep our course details handy to show your manager or colleagues, or compare to any other courses you may be considering.

  • Full list of lectures
  • Lecture content
  • Course Programme
  • Course Rationale

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MRI in Practice Online: Interactive Programme and International Programme Timings

MRI in Practice Online: Interactive Programme and Programme Timings

How to use the interactive programme...

All of our courses are open to an international audience. The programme below shows lecture timings for your location.
Click the name of the city nearest to where you live to convert the lecture timings to your own local time.
The time column will display a coloured background. Times with a green background are during working hours. Orange shading indicates out of working hours and red indicates lectures that may be at inconvenient times for where you live.
If the timing column is predominantly red, consider the Australian Eastern Daylight programme instead. The timings for the AEDT course are more likely to be acceptable to participants in North America, for example.

IMPORTANT PLEASE NOTE Participants living in Perth and Western Australia may find the UK (GMT) course timing preferable.

The timings are adjusted for daylight saving time.

Proposed programme for our forthcoming USA course commencing TBA

MRI in Practice 4 day Programme

NEW course for 2023! A Handbook of MRI Technique Online (On Demand Lectures)

In addition to the 15 lectures shown above, all participants attending MRI in Practice Online will also be given access to our new Handbook of MRI Technique course for a small additional admin fee!
This is an amazing deal that no other course provider can match. The Handbook course is based on our book of the same name and covers clinical indications, patient care, patient preparation and screening, MRI technique (patient positioning, slice prescription and pulse sequences) anatomy and pathology - for all major body areas PLUS 5 concise technical lectures that revisit and reinforce the concepts covered on the MRI in Practice course - making it perfect for revision. Other providers teach this material using OUR BOOK - cut out the middle-man. Don't pay for a physics course and a clinical technique course when we offer you both for the price of one!

Best of all, the Handbook course is available on demand and the lectures can be accessed wherever and whenever the participants wish to take part. MRI in Practice (4-day course) applicants will be given exclusive access to this new course and it is not available anywhere else!

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Feedback from the [intdates-E43] global course participants we have welcomed over the last 12 months:

We started collecting anonymous statistics about the online course at the end of 2018.
[intdates-E42] participants attended the last Australian Course. Their feedback is included in the scores shown below.

Course Delivery

Our recent course participants described the experience as being...

Delegate comments about recent Australian courses

  • This course was fantastic!! 

    Every word that was spoken was pure gold and informative. 

    I learnt so much. Great analogies, great animations. FANTASTIC!

  • The course was excellent. 

    Your ability to keep the interest in the subject without making it feel like the course is dragging, is a testament to the ability of the presenters.

    Blown away by the whole course.

  • That course, is a tour de magnetic force!

    It was great being able to watch the course in my own home, at my own pace.

    I wish my undergrad MRI physics was presented like this.

  • Analogies used to explain concepts were fantastic. 

    CGI images were exceptional. 

    Wonderful delivery of lectures from both Catherine and John.

  • Great online platform, 

    Complex ideas broken into digestible parts.

    Fantastic graphics, 

    Excellent introduction & foundation for MRI

  • Liked online delivery for pausing lecture reasons 

    Loved content - brilliant teachers 

    Made complex concepts understood with excellent graphics and analogies 

    Real- world applications 

    Friendly, knowledgeable, fun teachers

    Well worth the cost.

  • The course was amazing. I've been telling my friends about it. 

    Wonderfully informative, with multiple chances to review and also ask questions.

    I watched the videos at 1.5 speed so that combined with the extra 15 minutes gave me time to pause and take notes and rewind bits.

  • I liked the ability to watch the lectures more or less at my own pace so I could take notes. 

    It was a flexible delivery, but structured enough that I knew I could find answers if i needed them. 

    Instructors are great and very down-to-earth!

  • I liked the simplicity with which everything was explained. 

    Being a radiation therapist with with no previous experience in MRI this was super helpful.

  • Animations are excellent - directly showing us what we would be trying to mentally visualise from hearing or reading a text makes concepts faster to grasp.

    I thought it was very well put together and can’t think of anything to improve it.

*statistics and testimonials collected via Mentimeter anonymous on-line survey of course participants.



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Endorsed by the UK Society and College of Radiographers

MRI in Practice is CPD endorsed by the Society and College of Radiographers.
The Certificate of Endorsement states that this course supports the following important outcomes:

01. Practical skills
02. Knowledge base
03. Work safely
06. Manage knowledge/information
07. High-quality healthcare/education services
09. Inter-professional/agency working or learning
11. Workforce development or staff governance
19. Evidence to support practice

If you are considering registering for an MRI course other than MRI in Practice, ask for evidence that they have CPD NOW endorsement and check how many of the above outcomes are supported. This is an important benchmark and without such it is likely that a course is not fit for purpose as a CPD resource. Please note that we have outcome 7 - which is your assurance of the high-quality of our courses.

International Accreditation

Historically, our course has been accredited and endorsed by the following prestigious institutions:

  • Accreditatiebureau ADAP onderdeel van Stichting Kwaliteitsregister Paramedici
  • American Society of Radiologic Technologists
  • Australian Society of Medical Imaging and Radiation Therapy
  • British Institute of Radiology
  • European Federation of Radiographic Societies (EFRS)
  • Forum for Professional Development - Norwegian Society of Radiographers
  • IEEE Engineering in Medicine & Biology Society, Croatia
  • Institute for Professional Development of Physicians in Sweden
  • Kuwait Institute of Medical Specialisation
  • Malta MRI Radiographers Society
  • Norsk Radiografforbund
  • Qatar Health Congress
  • Romanian Radiology Society/College of Physicians,
  • Romanian Society of MRI Radiologists
  • Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Radiologists
  • Rush University Medical School, Chicago
  • Society of Radiography Kenya (SORK)
  • Society of Radiological Technicians and Nuclear Medicine Technicians of Serbia.
  • Trinity College Dublin
  • UK College of Radiographers (CPD NOW)
  • University of Malta
  • University of Missouri
  • University of Qatar
  • University of Sharjah (Emirates),
  • University of Zagreb

We do not believe that any other MRI course in the World has so many affiliations, and we are very proud to have the support and accreditation from these institutions.

CPD Certificates

Participants attending the online course will receive a certificate.
Participants who have been seen to attend (watch) the full course will receive a CPD certificate. Participants who have not seen to have attended the full course will receive a certificate of attendance. The lecture server keeps a track of content accessed.
The CPD offered depends on which course has been attended:

In the UK, the course is endorsed by the Society and College of Radiographers CPD Now. This is offered on a whole-course basis (i.e. not by the hour). Participants attending the UK course (i.e. online courses delivered to GMT/BST) will be eligible for this CPD certificate. It identifies the learning outcomes achieved, it does not provide any indication of activity hours, because this is irrelevant for CPD Now endorsement. Participants who live in Australia, but attend the UK course may be eligible for an ASMIRT CPD certificate (see below). Participants who are not from the UK or Australia and fall under different CPD regulations will still receive a CPD certificate, but it may not be recognised by their local professional body.

In Australia, the course is endorsed by the Australian Society of Medical Imaging and Radiation Therapy (ASMIRT). This accreditation is offered on an hourly basis (30 hours). Participants attending the Australian course (i.e. online courses delivered to AEDT) will be eligible for this CPD certificate. The certificate lists the hours of activity as required. Participants who live in the UK, but attend the Australian course may be eligible for a CPD Now certificate (see above). Participants who are not from Australia or the UK and fall under different CPD regulations will still receive a CPD certificate, but it may not be recognised by their professional body.

Participants from the USA are welcome to attend any of our courses, but we do not offer any CPD certification. This is largely due to the fact that most of our USA participants are veterinary radiologists and, therefore, do not fall under the same professional body as MRI Techs. In addition the cost and complexity of CPD approval in the USA is not worth our time and trouble for the number of participants for whom the appellation applies.

Please note
We cannot offer certificates with any other CPD accreditation or any other wording than the ones awarded at the end of each course because we do not have approval from any other professional bodies.

Previous Courses in Australia

Previous Courses in Australia






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