MRI in Practice lectures on your mobile device.

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We are currently developing an all-new range of mobile apps that will be released over the next 24 months. They will be available for Android devices.


Available for Android

There is currently one app available for Android Devices.

The app (Phase Mismapping Artefact) is designed to work as stand-alone learning resource, but also meshes beautifully with our books and live courses - making it an excellent adjunct to the course presentations. Apps also make a powerful revision aid, reinforcing learning of some of the key points for those who have been on our course - or are taking the American Registry (ARRT) exam.

The app contain a 35 minute interactive electronic presentation plus the lecture notes and is priced at just £3.99.
Please note before purchase that this is NOT the full MRI in Practice Course - just one of the important topics from the course.

Revise important topics
Mobile learning allows you to learn wherever you happen to be
No headphones? Read the lecture notes that come included
Full explanatory narration by MRI in Practice co-author John Talbot
Interactive learning tasks
All for the price of a coffee!

MRI Image Artefacts: Phase Mismapping (Motion Artefact)

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Google Play version for Android Devices
Artefacts 01 Phase Mis-Mapping

The Android version features all-new HD graphics and a 40 minute interactive learning activity. Plus pre and post test quizzes and an eBook of lecture notes.

Kindle Fire version for Kindle Tablets and Phones
Artefacts 01 Phase Mis-Mapping

This Android version is the same as the above, but from the Kindle store.